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 Did you know that we currently have 23 horses? While we are so blessed to be able to care for 23 amazing horses (and hopefully more), we certainly need help in offering proper care for them; especially since their jobs reflect such a sacred calling. We believe our horses deserve the very best! The average horse costs $250 a month when you consider all that goes into proper care; offering them feed (hay & grain), grooming, vaccinations, worming, & farrier. Please consider helping us keep our horses happy and healthy as they continue to help our kids heal.  

 I would love to sponsor a horse! What do I do? 

 Awesome! Please consider checking out our horses personal profiles. It highlights what is unique about each horse, allowing you the chance to connect, and possibly gravitate to wanting to sponsor that horse in being the best horse they can possibly be. Plus, we will gladly allow you the opportunity to visit your sponsored horse to see just how well they are thriving.

 *currently we have highlighted 9 of our horses, however, if you want to sponsor a horse that isn’t featured below, please contact us

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