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Education Specialist

Job Title:         Hope Rising On-Site Educational Specialist – Download PDF

Department: Clinical

Reports to:     Program Director

FLSA Status:   Exempt


Provide structure, guidance, assistance and supervision for Hope Rising clients during their school attendance at the online charter school. Evaluate and provide recommendations to improve curriculum planning, individual lessons and teaching methods at one or more grade levels. They also help coordinate and communicate expectations and progress among students’ parents/guardians, guidance counselors, tutors and teachers.

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following

Other duties may be assigned as necessary.

  • Provide on-site structure for clients enrolled in online charter school.
  • Administer, evaluate, and interpret tests and their results, and make recommendations for educational plans.
  • Provide instructional leadership and guidance for testing and curriculum development and delivery.
  • Coach and assist with curriculum and report writing, including analysis of metrics.
  • Provide guidance and tutoring for clients who need assistance in their learning.
  • Provide supervision while clients are on-site for school.
  • Assist or lead during times of crisis by intervening in the crisis or supervising other children while the residential caregiver handles the crisis
  • Assign homework/schoolwork that may assist in the child’s learning and progress.
  • Participate in any ARD’s that clients have through the online charter school.
  • Monitor clients’ progress via the online charter school parent portal.
  • Keep residential caregiver(s) and case manager(s) informed of progress and struggles in school.
  • Report any/all suspecting abuse or neglect to the Administrator on duty and the DFPS hotline at or 1-800-252-5400.
  • Provides crisis intervention as needed to prevent escalation of high-risk behavior, relapse, hospitalization, placement disruption, and other negative outcomes.
  • Documents observations in data management system.
  • Assist with management of behavior problems as they occur using methods approved by Hope Rising and TDFPS.
  • Participate in required pre-service and annual training.
  • Demonstrate responsibility, maturity and role modeling in all interactions with staff and children.
  • Follow Hope Rising policies as well as RCCL Minimum Standards and RCC Contract Standards, at all times.


The On-Site Education Specialist must be at least twenty-one years of age.  Ideally possesses experience in working with children in a school setting. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills for interacting with clients and writing skills for documentation.


A minimum of a Bachelors Degree required.

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